Our Vision

First Dallas focuses around four ministry strategies... WORSHIP, EQUIP, SERVE,  and INFLUENCE. Below we listed some of the initiatives we are undertaking or currently have implemented to make this vision a reality.

Vision Frame 2


We desire to create and maintain an exceptional experience in a comfortable and intimate setting in order to further engage people in their relationship and worship with God.


- Expand opportunity to make disciples with our improved Discipleship University.
- Encourage children and students to participate in our music ministry through age group choirs.
- Celebrate the Lord's Supper and baptisms, special events, and church fellowships to further build community among our members.
- Offer Four Core classes...
       1) First Step - Introduction and orientation to First Dallas
       2) Second Step (Equip) - Develop spiritual maturity
       3) Third Step (Serve) - Discover your spiritual gift, passion, and place to serve
       4) Fourth Step (Influence) - Practical training in how to share Christ


We are looking to train and equip volunteers to serve in several areas of our church: Communications, Music & Worship, Children's Ministry, and First Impressions Ministry. Visit our SERVE page to see more opportunities.


- Neighborhood Blitz - Mobilize our members to go door-to-door in our neighborhoods to share about the ministries of our church.
- Uptown/Downtown Outreach
    - We currently have a full leadership team in place to minister and engage with those in our downtown community. 
- Pathway to Victory - Our TV and radio broadcast ministry reaches thousands across our country and the world on a daily basis. We are currently in the process of expanding our reach to mainland China and are excited to see what the Lord will do through this opportunity.

See Dr. Jeffress' message from January 6, "A Year of New Beginnings."