How CR Works

CR at First Baptist Dallas meets every Wednesday evening on the First Baptist Church of Dallas downtown campus on level one of the Worship Center in Lovvorn Hall. Our service starts around 6:15pm with a light snack and fellowship time, followed by mixed group worship, a lesson or testimony, then open group sharing in separate rooms for men and women (exclusively).

Confidentiality is our number one requirement:

– Who is seen in the group... 
– What is seen in the group... 
– What is heard in the group...
– What is shared in the group...
Stays in the group – no exceptions.

CR at First Baptist Dallas is meant to be a safe place to take off your mask and get real about your personal recovery.

Our CR service is:

  • Open to anyone battling any type of addiction, habit, struggle or hurt. 
  • Newcomers are greeted by a leader and provided materials for the meeting. 
  • C.R. does not dwell on the past, but focuses on the future - everlasting freedom from our burdens. 
  • After a brief worship service, we share a personal testimony or teaching on the proven life-changing principles of CR. 
  • Next, we break into open groups to discuss and apply what we’ve learned with others who are struggling. 
  • Each group is led by a group leader. 
  • Men share with men, women share with women. 
  • Open groups allow the opportunity to share personal thoughts and feelings, give and receive support and learn. 
  • Each speaker is allowed 3-5 minutes of uninterrupted sharing. 
  • We are not in CR to “fix” one another, only “support” one another. 
  • Foul language is not tolerated.
  • We respect the privacy of one another; what is shared does not go beyond the group. 
  • While personal responsibility is part of recovery, the support of the group, the leader, a personal sponsor, and most important, God, are essential to the process.

Periodically, small groups, separated by men and women, form to work through the four CR workbooks covering the 12 steps. These studies usually meet on Sunday afternoons. Small group step studies usually last 8-12 months and require participants to complete a personal inventory, share it with a sponsor or accountability partner, and make a personal amends. The process ends with a commitment to carry the program forward in our daily walk and through acts of service.

To learn more, attend one of our open group Wednesday night services or contact the church at 214.969.2456.

Small Group Guidlines

12 Steps

8 Principles

Serenity Prayer